Over the next two years we are on a mission to create 25 successful Australian technology businesses, and we would like you to join us. We understand that embarking on the journey to build an app or software business is both exhilarating and nerve-racking. We want to fuel that passion to create something extraordinary and share that journey with you. By investing our expert app development resources into your business, our number one goal is to accelerate and help you build a successful business.

We are partnering with startups and early stage businesses who have the energy, ability and optimism to make their businesses the next big thing. Australia has a wealth of intellectual capital, and market leading ideas that just need the platforms to take the next step on the road to success.

Partnering with startups to build successful businesses of the future


Applications close

26th November 2017 - Midnight


"The biggest shake-up of the real estate industry this century has launched in Perth"

The West Australian, reporting on one of our startup clients, Openn.

Not only will we invest in your business, but you will receive a plethora of benefits to help you succeed. We’ll bring in people from our network to aid with important business services; people that can even become your customers or business partners.

  • Free consultation with an investor
  • Free co-working space (Perth only)
  • Free Sales Strategy
  • Free Growth Marketing Strategy
  • A network of partners in legal, accounting, marketing and finance to provide startup-friendly rates


As app specialists, we are aware of the pitfalls and potential hurdles that come with developing an app. You have access to our team of experts consisting of senior creatives, developers, product managers and project managers to work on your app.

If you have tried to raise capital for your idea, you would know that it is a difficult exercise with most investors wanting an operating product first. As developers, we are exposed to hundreds of ideas each year, so we know how to filter through the noise and identify a good idea that we can turn into an even better product and business.

By partnering with Dapper, our experience working with a wide variety of startups will help you avoid costly mistakes, plus an investment of 50% of the development cost that will kickstart your business.

We invest 50% of our services to ignite your business

2. Demonstrated customer validation with a clear path to revenue from product launch


If you have a great idea but need help to validate it with real customers first then our Startup Coaching program is right for you.

Those who are comfortable learning from potential customers and adapting to the environment.

1. Australian tech companies developing software based products, or hardware products that significantly integrate with software

Motivated, hungry and savvy people.

To be considered you must meet our core requirements:


Startups we work with

We believe you should be spending your time acquiring customers and building the business – not worrying about raising enough capital for development.

We’ve built apps that have raised millions of dollars and won national awards, so we know a thing or two about succeeding in this ever-changing world - the pitfalls, challenges, technologies and what it takes to build a great app.

Dapper will provide a dedicated team consisting of senior creatives, developers, product managers and project managers to work on your app. Because we are invested in your business, we want it to succeed just as much as you do. We go above and beyond to introduce you to potential investors, customers and other important contributors to succeeding as a startup.


Applications close

26th November 2017 - Midnight


Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to contribute to the future of Australia with your game-changing idea.


Digital to us doesn’t just mean mobile, web or social. It means innovation, disruption, countless screen types and integration into human lives. 

We are an Australian mobile app development company with specialised expertise in building beautiful and user-friendly mobile and web applications.

If investment isn't for you, enquire about our regular services here.